eCRV is now available statewide and is required for all real estate transactions in excess of $1,000. County and city offices will no longer accept paper copies of the Certificates of Real Estate Value, except for sales that have occurred before Oct. 1, 2014.

 To learn more about eCRV, please visit the Department of Revenue’s eCRV website by clicking here.

Minnesota Electronic Real Estate Recording (ERER) Commission The link below is a direct link to the ERER Task Force Website. Currently, it lists all seventeen members of the Task Force, as well as many links to the prior Task Force meetings, accomplishments and tools.


The Legislative Coordinating Commission provides staff support for the ERER Commission. Commission members welcome your questions. Email addresses for the ERER Commission members can be accessed at: http://www.commissions.leg.state.mn.us/erer/members.htm

Interested in becomming a Trusted Submitter for electronic recording in Minnesota? A Trusted Submitter Advisory Guide has been adopted by the Task Force and is now posted on the official website above.

 The Model II Standards and details regarding the 11 document types may be viewed at: http://www.commissions.leg.state.mn.us/erer/erer.htm.