Minnesota Certificate of Real Estate Value

e-CRV Update December 2009

Dakota County is now accepting Certificates of Real Estate Value electronically from all submitters via eCRV online submissions. At this time, Dakota County is the only county accepting eCRVs. As additional counties begin accepting eCRVs, announcements will be made.

The online application can be found at https://www.mndor.state.mn.us/crv/

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it necessary to answer some questions that were previously only answered for agricultural, commercial an industrial property types on the PE20A supplement?
Some questions previously located on the PE20A were determined to be applicable and provide meaningful information to transactions of all property types. The questions asked are to assist State and County staff in determining if a transaction meets the definition of an open market transaction under terms of sale that reflect market value.

Is it possible to submit an incomplete CRV?
No. The validation that occurs during the electronic submission ensures all required information is completed, thus reducing the occurrence of rejec ted documents.

If an error is found, is it possible to edit a CRV after it has been submitted?
No. Since there are no logins for submissions, it is not possible to reopen a submitted CRV for editing. Submit a new CRV and report the new CRV ID Receipt number with the deed for recording. If the deed has already been recorded and an error is found, contact Dakota County and it is possible that county staff may be able to note a minor correction.

Is there a way to save a CRV and complete the CRV at a later time?
Currently this functionality is not available; however, it is being discussed as a future enhancement.

Where can a submitter make general comments about the transaction being submitted?
On the Submit tab, there is a ‘Comment’ box for such statements.

What if the buyer or seller decline to give phone number or Social Security Number/Federal Tax ID Number?
Phone numbers and Social Security Numbers/Federal Tax ID Numbers are required. Statutory Authority: MS 270.06; 270C.06; 272.115. The design of the eCRV application ensures that Social Security Numbers/Federal Tax ID numbers never leave MN Department of Revenue servers and are never exposed externally, even to County staff.

Is there any way to print a CRV before submitting?
No. Once a CRV is complete and submit ted, print options are provided.

Is there a way to test the submission process?
If you would like to preview the eCRV application for testing or training purposes, please use this site https://www.dortest.mdor.state.mn.us/crv/. Please note that this version is not monitored and the submissions will NOT be valid.

Will paper CRVs be accepted?
Paper CRVs will continue to be accepted as needed. However, use of the new eCRV application is highly recommended for Dakota County document recordings.

The CRV document will only be accepted and reviewed by County and State staff upon submission of the CRV Receipt ID with the corresponding deed for recording. When submitting an eCRV with a deed to Dakota County, as the receipt page instruction says, please either ***Preferred Method*** Write your CRV ID number on the original deed and your copy of the deed (below the state deed tax). or print the receipt page to accompany the deed.

For questions about recording documents in Dakota County:
Dakota County
651-437-3191 Toll Free - 800-247-1056
Property Taxation & Records

For eCRV Technical Support:
MN Department of Revenue
Minnesota Electronic Real Estate Recording (ERER) Commission The link below is a direct link to the ERER Task Force Website. Currently, it lists all seventeen members of the Task Force, as well as many links to the prior Task Force meetings, accomplishments and tools.


The Legislative Coordinating Commission provides staff support for the ERER Commission. Commission members welcome your questions. Email addresses for the ERER Commission members can be accessed at: http://www.commissions.leg.state.mn.us/erer/members.htm

Interested in becomming a Trusted Submitter for electronic recording in Minnesota? A Trusted Submitter Advisory Guide has been adopted by the Task Force and is now posted on the official website above.

 The Model II Standards and details regarding the 11 document types may be viewed at: http://www.commissions.leg.state.mn.us/erer/erer.htm.