Minnesota Department of Health Well Disclosure/Property Transfer

The Minnesota Department of Health's Well Management Section rolled out electronic well certificates on July 1, 2009. The MDH recommends that filers have all the necessary information regarding e-well certificates before entering the data because information can't be saved. E-Well Certificates will remain in the system for 120 days. If a sale is not completed within 120 from entering the e-well certificate, it must be reentered. Paper Well Certificates will still be accepted.

Click here for a recent announcement from the MDA that describes the basic structure of the Web site, provides a brief overview of the e-WDC filing process, and notes the MDH process for receiving the e-WDC. The article also points out Web site user aids and includes contact information. For additional information, visit www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/wells/disclosures.

Updates, April 2012:

e-Well Disclosure Certificate "What You Need Before You Begin" (pdf)

Well Disclosure and Sale of Foreclosed Property

e-WDC Process from Filer to County to MDH (pdf)

e-WDC History and Process (pdf)