Political Action Committee (PAC)

We all understand the importance of the MLTA and the work that it does to protect our industry. The efforts of the Legislative Committee and the important contacts made during our Annual Lobby Day are just a couple of examples of the vital work of the MLTA and its members. We thank everyone who has made the extra effort to get involved on behalf of the industry.

We also know that there are many more of you who would love to be more involved in furthering the objectives of the MLTA. But let’s face it, we all have numerous demands that pull us in many directions and not everyone has the ability to dedicate time away from the office. However, we all still have the ability to get involved in a keyway and that is by making a contribution to the MLTA-PAC. Your contributions to the MLTA-PAC are used to support candidates who understand the value of the title insurance industry and the work that we do every day. This support along with the efforts of our lobbyists, helps us maintain a seat at the table for the MLTA when legislation is proposed that could have a negative impact on our industry and all of our livelihoods!

To make a contribution, please reach out to Richard Welshons